Mediators Post

P L E D G E     T O     M E D I A T E

MediatorsPOST invites all Entrepreneurs and organizations to become signatories to “Pledge to Mediate”. The signatory will give mediation a chance for amicable and peaceful resolution before litigation.

Pledge to Mediate is voluntary and not legally binding.

The signatory requires to carry out the following actions:-

  1. To understand the process of Mediation. Please contact MediatorsPOST for details.
  2. Fill the below details to complete the “Pledge to Mediate” form.
  3. Consider Mediation for means of early dispute resolution. Contact MediatorsPOST to search for qualified mediators nearest to you.
  4. Insert Mediation clause in the agreement with other parties.

The core value of peaceful living is to nurture the relationship whether it´s personal or professional. MediatorsPOST will assist you in a peaceful resolution.

By submitting this form you agree for “Pledge to Mediate” and you intent to carry out above actions.


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